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Amsterdam Mid S3 SRC

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Should safety shoes look like safety shoes? No, AMSTERDAM MID from the PUMA SAFETY METRO PROTECT line made of high quality nubuck leather skillfully combines lifestyle with high safety requirements. Thanks to this, it easily fits into our modern workplace. The unique sole, made entirely of TPU, has features that you can expect from high quality football shoes - an extremely flat sole, long durability, excellent grip and high flexibility. The raised nose protects the skin around the toes from wear, especially when kneeling. Immediately in the heel area, LDCELL absorbs shocks and impacts immediately after inserting the heel and protects the ligaments and joints. For optimal cushioning and thus long-term comfort, there is also an evercushion® PRO insert.
inflexible, flexible protection against FAP® penetration,
- aluminum toe cap
- Nubuck leather facing
- Protection of the front cap
- functional BreathActive lining
- Insert: evercushion® pro
- Mouth: TPU METRO PROTECT outsole with EVA cushion
-Size / width: 39 - 47/11

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