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Safety shoes Albatros with innovations in the trekking world. MOTION XTS MID from SPORT XTS line body made of fiberglass, with elastic protection against FAP® perforation for all protective footwear at work, logistics, crafts and outdoor activities. The velor velor shaft of high quality is made of breathable mesh elements and perfectly adapts to the shape of the feet. A durable, temperature-resistant 300 ° C XTS sole (midsole) with a different formed profiled surface for adhesion on various surfaces and has self-cleaning properties. Due to the fact that they combine with each other, one should take into account the benefits of balance. The 3D rubber coating in the center of the front cover protects against abrasion, especially when working on your lap.
-Protection: sole made of glass eggs, non-metallic, flexible FAP® midsole
- Water: high quality suede leather with breathable Mesh Sandwich Mesh
- Plus: selected dust tongue, abrasion resistant rubber protection, softly padded collar
- Insert: anatomically formed comfit® insert
- Cushion: functional 3D breathable lining
- Insole: Sport XTS - rubber sole with temperature-resistant rubber 300 ° C with TPU twist protection
-Size / width: 39 - 47/11

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