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Shoe Fuse Motion 2.0 Red Low

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The new definition of sports shoes inspired by sports MOTION PROTECT is the perfect symbiosis of shock absorption, energy return and design. The real novelty is the only construction with an innovative inner soles IMPULSE.FOAM® with anti-fatigue technology, ensuring freedom of movement. IMPULSE.FOAM® actively releases up to 55% of user's energy, providing maximum cushioning, stability and long-lasting comfort. High temperature, non-slip rubber sole for 300 ° C (HRO, SRC) ensures safety at every step and is extremely durable. FUSE.TEC® elements, the FUSE MOTION 2.0 RED LOW shaft does not require any seams, especially in the buckling areas of the shoe. Thanks to this the shoe is lightweight, flexible and durable. The evercusion®BA insert supports the foot in natural rotational motion. The highly breathable evercushion® foam wicks sweat away and provides a pleasant microclimate of the shoe. Anatomical shape with longitudinal arch support protects the joints and ligaments against injury.
In addition, the FUSE MOTION 2.0 RED LOW is equipped with a flexible quick lacing system. Thus, the user needs perfect binding of shoes and open eyelets without worrying. In addition, each shoebox contains a pair of conventional shoelaces.

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